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As you prepare for the future, it is important to make plans on how you want your property and finances to be taken care of after your death. While it may seem that everyone knows what a will is, it is essential to learn how it can benefit you and your heirs. Our estate planning attorney can help you draft a will and make your wishes legally binding. If you reside in the areas of Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Harrison, Eureka Springs, Clarksville, Waldron, Mena, Van Buren, or anywhere in the Arkansas River Valley, reach out to our attorney today and schedule a free consultation. 

What Exactly Is a Will, and How Can We Help? 

A will is a legally-binding document that allows you to communicate how you would like your assets and finances to be handled after your death. You are allowed to direct certain things such as choosing who will inherit what, how you want your debts to be handled, name guardians, and more. Our estate planning attorneys will help you navigate through the process and build a solution that is right for you and your family.  

We at the Bond Law Office want to help you preserve what matters most to your family. Contact our attorney at either our Fayetteville or Fort Smith, Arkansas locations and set up a time to talk. 

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Pros of a Will 

Depending on your family’s circumstances, a will might be just what you need to prepare for the future. When speaking to our attorney, you will find there are many benefits to a will: 

  • There is the ability to name beneficiaries for property. 

  • The will is relatively simple to make and you are able to revise it. 

  • You can leave property to minors and name a manager to handle it until the children turn 18. 

  • You can name a guardian for your minor children. 

  • You are able to give instructions on how you would like your debts and taxes to be paid. 

Get in touch with our estate planning attorney today at one of our locations in Fayetteville or Fort Smith locations, and let’s see if a will is right for you. 

Cons of a Will 

While a will can benefit you and your family in many ways, you may find that it has some drawbacks that could affect you. After your death, the will becomes public and might have to go through the probate process. You also cannot set anything up that could avoid a conservatorship in the future. Lastly, a will requires a witness to be present in order for it to be deemed valid.  

Our attorney will help you through any hurdles and help you devise a plan that fits your family’s needs. We can help you. We serve the areas of Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Harrison, Eureka Springs, Clarksville, Waldron, Mena, Van Buren, and all over the Arkansas River Valley. 

Differences Between Wills and Trusts 

Wills are not the only legally-binding document that you can create as a roadmap for your family. A trust is similar to a will in that you are able to leave property to beneficiaries after your death; it is more expensive and more difficult to make.  

There are some differences, however, that could affect which one you choose to create. After your death, a trust will remain private and can avoid probate court. You cannot name guardians for your children, but you may be able to avoid conservatorship. Trusts are ideal for a family with a higher net worth. Consult with our estate planning attorney today to see what works for you. 

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When planning for your family’s future, it is good to have an estate planning attorney lead you in the right direction. At the Bond Law Office, we have extensive information on finances and assets and want to help you protect what’s important to you. By creating a will, you are creating a roadmap that your family can depend on. Contact us today in Fayetteville or Fort Smith, Arkansas, and schedule a free consultation. We provide our services to the areas of Harrison, Eureka Springs, Clarksville, Waldron, Mena, Van Buren, and all over the Arkansas River Valley.