Stanley Bond

Lead Counsel

Stan is a born and raised Arkansan who has always had a natural talent for business and finances.

When he decided to pursue a career in law, Stan quickly found his calling in bankruptcy and probate. His clients appreciate his professionalism and clear explanations.

Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Basics

Don't let unfamiliar legal terms add to an already overwhelming situation. Start here to get a clear breakdown of the various Bankruptcy Chapters and which might be right for you.

Personal Bankruptcy

Individuals and married couples most commonly seek debt relief through either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Learn more about each, then contact us to discuss each option in further detail.

Business & Farm Bankruptcy

Certain Bankruptcy Chapters are designed specifically with business owners, family farmers, and commercial fishermen in mind. Talk to our attorneys to see if you qualify.

Probate & Estate Planning

Whether you’ve lost a loved one or simply want to put your own affairs in order, we’d love to make the legal process as easy on you as possible.

We're here to help you understand &
overcome the obstacles before you

Our Process

At our firm, each bankruptcy case starts with a free consultation and continues with a customized legal strategy.

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We offer free one-hour consultations because we don’t think it’s right to charge people before a course of action has even been decided. By taking that hour to fully understand a person’s financial and legal standing, we can more accurately advise them on what to do next.

For instance, when a client comes to us asking how to resolve their debt, we have to fully examine their situation before we can say whether bankruptcy is the best option for them. And if, after a thorough analysis, we determine that filing isn’t in their best interest, they have gained crucial knowledge and lost nothing.

One of the most important things we can do for our clients is empower them with knowledge. By understanding exactly how your situation unfolded and how you can work through it, you will have everything you need to make informed decisions. From there, our role is simply to help you execute those decisions with confidence and precision.

So please, don’t be afraid to ask questions. We want to be your trusted legal resource, not a firm that dictates these important decisions for you.

What happens after our initial consultation depends entirely on your unique situation. If you’re looking to build an estate plan, for example, our first step will be determining which legal safeguards — powers of attorney, medical directives, special needs trusts, etc. — align with your particular goals and needs.

For bankruptcy-related concerns, we will consider a number of factors, such as your job, your source of debt, your assets, and your vision for the future. We use this information to build your legal plan from the ground up.

When it comes to debt, the concept of financial stability is often mystifying and only applies to the rich. Financial security is attainable with the tools we provide.

In the same sense, we handle estate planning concerns with a focus on protecting what matters most to you and those you love. As we build your plan — or carry out the plan of a loved one who’s passed away — we’ll point out opportunities for added security where we see them.

Ready to Start Moving Forward?

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Your peace of mind is our first priority

With 35+ years of combined experience, we’re on your side

Bankruptcy, estate planning, and probate are all complex processes, but they can be made much simpler with the right professionals coaching you through them. Don’t just look for an attorney who’s “qualified.” Put your trust in a team that knows Arkansas law inside and out.

Between the members of our team, we have over 35 years of experience. This means that, whatever obstacles your case may present, we have more than likely encountered and overcome a similar situation in the past. And rest assured — no matter the complexity of your case, we have the knowledge, skill, and tools to build you a tailor-made plan of action.

Our role is to listen, educate, & advise

You get to decide what happens next

You may not have been able to control everything that led you to where you are now, but that doesn’t make you helpless in any sense of the word.

What happens next is entirely up to you; we’re simply here to be your support system, should you choose to reach out. If you do, we’ll put our knowledge and professional opinion at your disposal.

We understand the pressure that comes with bankruptcy, probate, and estate planning, but fortunately, we also have a wealth of experience in handling these matters. That’s why we encourage you to take our seasoned, logic-based advisement to heart. You may not like everything you hear, but we guarantee that every piece of advice we offer is made with your best interests in mind.

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